Thursday, October 14, 2010

Every Angel is Terrifying

Favored first prodigies, creation's darlings,

mountain ranges, peaks, dawn-red ridges

Inner Space
of all genesis--pollen of a flowering godhead,

a more elegant explanation
links of light, corridors, stairs, thrones.

emotional clarity
spaces of being, shields of rapture, torrents

the forest
of unchecked feeling and then suddenly, singly,

Of the Mountain
mirrors: scooping their outstreamed beauty

we are not going away, we ain't going away.
back into their peerless faces.

the night
For our part, when we feel, we evaporate, ah, we breathe

WORDS: from the Duino Elegies by Ranier Maria Rilke, The II Elegy.
Translated by Edward Snow
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marie said...

très beau!
du grand art!
J'aime =)
tu devrais en mettre plus...

marie said...

avec une préférence pour la première
et celle avec les deux personnages sur fond noir

Kathryn1000 said...

So beautiful I am lost for words.