Monday, May 10, 2010

Object of Most Desire

Goin Out of My Head Over Youu

This is a very personal post. I'm going to tell you about what I want most in the world. It is this music box. The moment I picked it up, it began to spiral and hum, is nearly indescribable. Love at first sight. I'm a little embarrassed that my love story is about a music box and not a proper--human--mate; but I can honestly say, I've never felt this way in my life.

It belongs to a friend and is something of a family heirloom. The story is, it was a gift from his aunt's boyfriend in her youth. He begged his aunt to pass it on to him. Apparently he must have felt something of what I feel in regards to the singular greatness of this object.

So I can't have it but I must! Conundrum! Every so often I go on a hunt. I scour the internet for it, or something like it. Custom music box companies do not even offer this tune (it is "Goin' Out of My Head," appropriately). To have a truly custom tune produced is a laborious, thus expensive process. It requires placing an order for at least 2000 movements (the part of the music box that makes the music) and a $6000 deposit and 2-6 months of production. That is only half the battle. Then I must find the spiral mechanism. It is neon, Plexiglas (or acrylic) and gorgeous, the crappy video I am including does not do it justice. It was made in Japan, and that is the ONLY lead I've got.

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