Friday, November 27, 2009

Soft Fest, poor mouth at The Zoo

A brief ode to Baltimore:

I've visited this city twice in a short month. Both trips have included pristine happenings that put you to shame, Brooklyn.

Word of Soft Fest came from friends involved in the production (/living in the space...) early in the makes so I had the chance to produce an afghan-themed triptych for the event. I was told the space would be littered with afghans--there was a deliciously painful anticipation--which nonetheless left me completely unprepared for the utter perfection of the environment and the performances that seamlessly unfolded within it.

Afghanistan - the space at dusk.

My triptych. Florescent tempera on stretched bedsheets from the thrift store.

Afghanistan II

Afghanistan I
And more.

Afghanistan III
The chessboard was in the projection room, where slomo Daisies screened.

Afghanisan IV
Authority figure.

I loved this light installation.

Every performance I saw was fantastic but Run DMT was a favorite.

Run Run DMT
He had this amazing handmade instrument that looked like it washed ashore from a cruise accident aboard the yellow submarine.

And poor mouth, who I caught a few weeks later playing in a basement at The Zoo:

The whistling song was electric at Soft Fest, where at least a hundred pairs of lips were chirping.

They are angels disguised as hobos--two unlike vocal styles in compliment to a degree of divinity.

The Zoo is a strange basement land with encyclopedia P on the walls: Parakeet to Parrot to Picasso. They made us spiced hot toddies and a nice fire outside to lite our cigarettes by...

Encyclopedia P

Soft Fest [Myspace]
Run DMT [Myspace]
poor mouth [Myspace]

More photos of both events:
Soft Fest [Flickr]
The Zoo [Flickr]

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