Monday, October 19, 2009

Kutna Hora ..x.. How I Quit Crack



Kutna Hora Ossuary







A sparkle from How I Quit Crack's Viceland Blog interview:

Vice: Would you recommend smoking crack to others?
Tina F. (HIQC): Yeah, cause crack makes you want to commit suicide. I use to smoke crack and think I wanna kill myself cause that’s the only way I can stop smoking crack. I think suicide is a really good way to push ya, gives ya a deadline. I wouldn’t recommend crack or any drugs but it gives you perspective cause you wanna kill yourself.

How I Quit Crack [Myspace/Youtube]
Full Interview [Viceland]

Kutna Hora's Sedlec Ossuary [OS]

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saitta68 said...

death flowers blossom in the fertile humus of our imaginations, gorged as they are on the sexual urge and the desire to exceed all limits. thank you for the bouquet. best wishes for the dia de los muertos less than a week from now.