Monday, March 2, 2009


I didza Chelsea sweep last week. I read somewhere that galleries in Chelsea are closing at at a rate of one per week. Oh boy! Can't say I'm not glad to see the white wall stacks become the stuff archives are not made of.

I visited around fifteen pre-selected spots and there were all of two delicious sectors. We'll start with those.

Brendan Cass' New Nature at Stellan Holm Gallery:

Brendan Cass
Brendan Cass (detail)

Cass is making paint look edible again.

Simon Evans' Island Time at James Cohan Gallery:

Simon Evans
Simon Evans
Details from One Hundred Mix CDs for NYC

Everything else was mediocre to toilet paper. But there was salvage.

"Works on Paper" at Anna Kustera:

Mike Pare Tapestry
Tapestry 2, 2008

Foot to mouth when I saw these Mike Pare graphite drawings at Anna Kustera's "Works on Paper" show. I once criticized Pare for calling these geometric tapestries "Mandalas". And now he has made these Mandalas and calls them "Tapestries".

Nina Bovasso, "New Works on Paper" at BravinLee Programs:

Nina Bovasso
Circle I, 2008.

Thomas Scheibitz "Missing Link In Delphi" at Tanya Bonakdar:

Thomas Scheibitz
In Delphi

"The Collected Multiples of Cary S. Leibowitz" at Printed Matter:

Cary S. Leibowitz

After Allen Ruppersberg, I assume.

"Manzoni: A Retrospective" at Gagosian Gallery:

Piero Manzoni
Achrome, 1961-1962

Not oft spoke of Piero Manzoni is texture obsessed. There's a Yayoi Kusama and a small Frank Stella to break up la mer zoni, for those who are not impressed.

"Al Held: Prints 1973-1999" at Pace Prints:


Ahh, the golden lining of a dark cloud of obsessive compulsions.

See more and larger. [Flickr]

p.s. Dear Chelsea, for fucks sake. Stop naming every show 'Works on Paper'.

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