Thursday, November 27, 2008

Baker Overstreet at Fredericks & Freiser

From the Overstreet exhibit, Follies, which appeared at Fredericks & Freiser over the fall:

Alibaster Plaster Caster
Alibaster Plaster Caster, 2008

Sequined Cyclone Sequence
Sequined Cyclone Sequence, 2008

Sizzle '76
Sizzle '76, 2008

Tubular Bells
Tubular Bells, 2008

Gossipo Perpetuo
Gossipo Perpetuo, 2008

The New World Symphony (For the Elite Ark)
The New World Symphony (For the Elite Ark), 2008

Technicolor Chromolume
Technicolor Chromolume, 2008

The Continental Bathosphere
The Continental Bathosphere, 2008

Ball in the Jack
Ball in the Jack, 2008

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