Sunday, May 11, 2008

NYC Wall Round-up

Fitzi I.jpg
Fitti III.jpg

I've taken delighted notice of these paste ups and it has graduated into a full-infatuppreciation of what is actually quite well designed wit-laced crime. They look like (an extremely sophisticated) 4-year-old's first haggle with the wonders of MS Paint. What I admire in particular is that the "spraypaint" zaggyzigs resonate as actual spraypaint (the kind that propels from a can, smells metallic and toxical and is behind lock and key at the hardware/art store). However, they are clearly computer-generated prints wheat pasted--in most of my spottings, at least--to scaffolding. I don't know who is responsible but I'd love to credit them in this post. Enlighten me, please! [Update on that: These are by Momo. Thanks to inthelab.]

Red & Haring

Then the re-paint of the Keith Harring mural on Houston and Bowery. The project was brought together by the combined efforts of Deitch Projects and the Keith Haring Foundation. I dig it supremely for emanating an aesthetic that appears absurdly contemporary (even perhaps avant-garde), although it was originally painted in 1982. I see a dense resemblance to the PaperRad (and what seems like ceaseless river of PR spinoffs) caricature, but I don't believe the collective has ever named Haring as a reference or inspiration. It was only in viewing the mural that I made the connection myself.

Keith Haring on Houston & Bowery [Deitch Projects]

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