Monday, April 7, 2008

After the Reality II


I visited After the Reality II at Deitch Projects this Saturday. I've posted some (crappy) videos of Ujino Muneteru's Rotators and photos from the show. The dedicated Muneteru was present while I was in the gallery, absorbed in the task of keeping his mechanical sculptures functioning smoothly. The Rotators are autonomous by his division, and yet as I watched him snug the plugs a couple times in a few minutes I could not help but see the artist becoming one of the gears, triggers or conductors collaborating to run the machine. It was adorable.

There will be a performance by Muneteru and the Enlightenment Collective this Wednesday, April 9th.

After the Reality II [Deitch Projects]
Ujino Muneteru [The Rotators]
Ujino Muneteru at Deitch Projects [YouTube]
Ujino Muneteru's Rotators [YouTube]

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