Sunday, March 2, 2008

Really Exciting Things to Happen Before the World Ends


Pop Rally Presents: DIRT PALACE at PS.1
Friday March 14, 2008. 7pm-11pm.

Femme troupe Dirt Palace are having a hullabaloo at (the best Museum in the world) PS.1. Puppetry is promised so I'm thinking sure-thing. My advice to those who wish to attend and have never been to a pop-rally event: gobble some ibuprofen with your dinner because your head will be assaulted, adultered and may need to explode and reassemble a few times to accommodate the massive exposures it will endure. I've actually had to escort my sick date away from the insanity that ensued when these people let PaperRad take over the MoMA.


APOCABLISS at Alice Gallery
Opening March 20, 2008.

I can't go to this show and it kills me. Maya Hayuk, incomprehensibly wonderful creature that she is, has curated one of--nope, actually the--best line up of artists I've ever seen. If you are in the Brussels region and plan on going, you can be my best friend if you send me photos of the show.


Artists exhibiting in Apocabliss (in order of appearance): Heidi Anderson, AJ Wright, Chris Duncan, Erika Lynn Anderson, Maya Hayuk, Thad Kellstadt, Kayrock & Wolfy, Kyle Ranson, Christine Sheilds, Paul Wackers, Cody Hudson, and Jovi Schnell.

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