Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Massive List of What I've Seen in a Week.

I am doing my best to put this in chronological order but some things are impossible. It's worth documenting the blast thats been New York City while all you saps soaked up SXSW.

televisionvision still from Brakhage (1998)

This documentary, written and directed by Jim Shedden, was produced for Canadian television. It contains appearances and narratives by Stan, Jane, Marilyn, Stan's offspring, and a few loquacious avant film connoisseurs. My personal delight came from Jane's anecdotes of living with Stan: while deep in the throes of a possesion by the creative spirit, he would pace in the kitchen muttering incomprehensible numerical alchemies, forgetting his own name.

Secret Project Robot (Clouds)
Secret Project Robot Babies
Harmony and Chloe
photos by Ivory Serra

"Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars" at Secret Project Robot

Yes that is a photo of Harmony Korine and Chloe Sevingy (dressed as a Hasid). I crush on both of them, so kinda a big deal for me. I went to Secret Project Robot with the express purpose of buying this Maya Hayuk print (which I spotted on sale there months ago, I fear I waited too long). However, the charming Rainbow Cloud City art object store that had once been was mysteriously invisible or otherwise temporarily repurposed (god forbid aborted altogether!). The gallery was not opening until 2pm and I was early. Some nice girly in the neighboring Living With Animals was kind enough to let us in but could not find quite all of the light switches. So we wandered from Serra photo to Serra photo in an odd darkness, hoping someone associated with SPR would show so that I could inquire about the Hayuk print. Instead, at 2pm on the dot, a darling black cat sauntered in. It looked pregnant and hungry, but I had nothing to offer her. Any info on the future of of Rainbow Cloud City? Email me.

Cinders Gallery
Drawings by Julien Langendorff & David Herman Dune

Jo Dery Film
Video Art and Snailvision by Jo Dery

"Where is it Slowly Going?" at Cinders Gallery

I was so delighted to stumble upon this Jo Dery animation at Cinders. Dery lives and works in Dirt Palace, and this exact film screened at PS.1 the evening of the Poprally event. It was by far my favorite visual element of the eve, and I even went so far as to text myself her name (for a laterdate googling), as I was lacking a pen to write it down. By the way, I won't be covering the Dirt Palace performance, because I can't. Never saw anything quite like it and I'm still digesting the experience. But this dense show at the tiny Cinders Gallery was worth the visit. Cinders also has an art/music/zine goodie store in the back which could fill my wishlist for decades.

Erika Somogyi at Brooklyn Fire Proof
The Mirror The Hourglass The Prism by Erika Somogyi (2008)

Erika Somogyi
Primitive Vision by Erika Somogyi (2007)

"Mixed Emotions" at Brooklyn Fire Proof
I went to this show to lay eyes on the Somogyis. Everything else might has well have been wall. She recently did a poster for a film starring Chloe Sevingy, so it all wraps around.

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secret project robot said...

I am the director of Secret Project Robot, sorry that I missed you that day. The show had actually closed the day before, but we do have that print of Maya's. Thanks so much for your interest. We have actually deinstalled Rainbow Cloud City- the store is moving to the small gallery on the side and will reopen in June.

We plan for it to be more fun than ever!

thanks Again.