Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kind of Loving Steven Charles Right Now

Get off the Cross, the Wood is Needed, 2003-2006

From Pierogi Gallery:
I am interested in creating problems. Painting is a vehicle for me to dedicate myself to something I know won't work. Abstract painting is the most confusing dilemma I have encountered–it is this confusion that motivates me. I am not a believer. I am in search of holes and gaps. When I start a painting I don't plan or sketch, I just begin... The impetus for this work is my optimism, although what I am optimistic about constantly escapes me.
–Steven Charles, 2002

James Kalm's video of Steven Charles' 2007 Exibit, "13 Monsters for Lightning Bolt," at Marlborough Gallery [YouTube]
Steven Charles [Marlborough Gallery]
Steven Charles [Pierogi Gallery]

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