Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time to Pimp My Friends: The Stupendous Films of Sarah Stuve

Sarah Stuve is a cherished friend and former roommate of mine, but I can honestly tell you that this has in no way prejudiced my decision to write her up here. I have a lot of creative friends that I wouldn't include in Concrete Menagerie for anything, I'm an ELITIST. But Sarah is an exception. She is actually really good at what she does. She'll be graduating from SVA this spring, and her thesis film is shaping up to be the shit. It is called My Dead Brain, and I was never crazy about this title (it replaced the much better "Dead Fish" in the script-writing phase, when Stuve was exhausted and muttering obscenities at her own script on the computer screen) but I am really thrilled to have an original copy of the script (it will make me rich some day!) and the opportunity to do the poster for the film. Here are two previews of My Dead Brain. You should probably watch the rest of her stuff up on vimeo, and I will keep you updated on any screenings and developments.

Smooth Death Trailer for film My Dead Brain from WorleyWorks on Vimeo.

PJ Linden - Production Design Reel from PJ Linden on Vimeo.

Sarah Stuve [Vimeo]
My Dead Brain [Myspace]

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