Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brad Phillips Does What He Wants

I'm going to make it a point not to fish around for articles on Brad Phillips. I wouldn't want to come across anything that so much as whispers the words "post-modern" in regards to his work, because I am really liking Brad Phillips right now. I'm going to assume that BP makes paintings out of a real devotional love of the image he solidifies in paint. So what if someone else, someone far more famous and canonized by history, already painted it? He likes it a lot, why not paint it again? So what if it is a cultural cliché that can easy be achieved with a magazine and a glue stick, I like the way ransom-style cutout messages look too. And so fucking what if this painting is of a seminal graphic design motif that has been published by the millions? Those rainbow stripes fucking rock, and Brad Phillips knows it. Winona never looked better.

were not dead.jpg
We're Not Dead

Unknown Painting


private study.jpg
Private Study

picnic for one.jpg
Picnic for One

Ms. Ryder

if i had a pseudonym.jpg
If I Had a Pseudonym

discouraging letter.jpg
Discouraging Letter

dear anxiety.jpg
Dear Anxiety

balanced conditions.jpg
Balanced Conditions

After Carlo

Youth In Asia.jpg
Youth in Asia


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Anonymous said...

im brad phillips. my mom found this, because my mom googles me all the time. thanks for your sweet compliments. i don't think anyone has ever mentioned my work as being post modern, but i wish i had known you when i needed a press release last year. i like your thoughts on my work more than my own