Sunday, November 4, 2007

Visually Considerate Social Networking

Conceptually, social networking sites are so nice. Bringing people together with out all that pesky real-world awkwardness and--um--reality. But they are so ugly. Cue next generation of social networks, friendly for people with eyes that have no choice but to see things:

This is a closed site, which means that registration is no longer open to the public. This is for your own sake, to keep the image pool pure and beautiful.

PPPinch has only 156 member to date. Registration is open enough (for now), if you can navigate your way to registration, which can't be found by visiting the site, it must be linked to from an external page. Soon though, registration will close except for on the first of every month. Super exclusivity. Not sure what comprises the "social" aspect of this site yet. But if you find yourself, as do I, collecting massive amounts of images from the internet on your computer, accept this as a salvation for your hard drive.

Nice to Meet You (NTMY)
What is super nice about NTMY, especially when compared to other blogging platforms, is the cleanliness of the design. There is not a single superfluous element to be found. Their tag line is, "Magnificent styles for shapeless perfectionists."

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