Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Karete Roksvåg Knows

(collaboration with andreasbanderas)


Every so often I come across a knower, the select fews who carry an innate comprehension of what the eye craves, how to seduce the eye, how to please the eye. Karete Roksvåg is a knower. Her slick collages are deliciously clever, and easy-going, and sort of the visual equivalent of the best milkshake you've ever had in your life. She knows that it doesn't take much, especially if what you've got is already right on. It could be as simple as a bouquet of tinted hair snippets, or an unexpected arrangement of tonal dismembered fingers. Gorgeous.

1 comment:

John said...

This is cool and it reminded me of a video I saw last year made from all collaged human parts. iIt was definitely something to see but I have no idea how to find it again. It may have been through HappyFamousArtists or Trendbeheer.