Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rainy Days Sponsered by Anger

It is raining in Brooklyn, and so the bonfired record release party that I was going to attend today (for White Magic's Dark Stars EP), has been rescheduled due to the fact that rain and bonfires do not coexist willingly. So I stay indoors, in a black velvet robe, to imbibe the early films of Kenneth Anger, courtesy of a relatively recent release of his volumes on DVD. And then to broadcast my immediate reactions via our holiest, the internet.

"Puce Moment"
The advantage of DVD viewing is undoubtedly the occasioned enlightening commentary feature. Therewithin, K.A. reveals that the scene in which actress Yvonne Marquis is transported outdoors on her chaise lounge was inspired by the 1920's fantasy painter Florine Stettheimer:

Sunday Afternoon in the Country (1917)
Family Portrait #2 (1933)

The soundtrack--psychedelic folky rock by Jonathan Halper--is dull and glittering, haunting, deloveliness (and can be found here & here).

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sofia said...

wow i've been looking for those songs for a while now! THANK YOU