Friday, July 13, 2007

Nike Re-Run @ Powerhouse Books

Bad Flowers.jpg

This is another chapter in the art show as merchandising tool. Nike has a display up at Powerhouse Books: "RE-RUN, a contemporary installation that celebrates the renegade spirit and energy of running in the 1970s".


I would not usually be found at such a happening; except that circumstantially I was in the area and it was really fucking hot outside but I didn't want to get on the train just yet. (FYI, the Boredoms were playing a ridiculous show in DUMBO that day and about a million people showed up, which makes for one helloffa block-weaving line of people who haven't showered in about a decade.)

Hairy Triangles.jpg

So I went in and was pleasantly surprised. The structure housing the works ("a three-dimensional wooden modular structure") is an eyesore reminiscent of my architecture buddy’s' house-five-people-in-a-one-person-studio loft projects. "Based on alternative architecture from the 70s," is a weak excuse for an over (or under, who can tell) conceptualized showcase that detracts from what is actually being shown.


But I really have to commend Nike for their choice in artists: Scott Campbell, Tracy Nakayama and Andrew Jeffrey Wright.

AJ Wright's psychedelic op-art prints really make the show. That and the teepee.
See more photos from the show here.

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